Others May Promise Results, but Associated Auction Delivers.
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We Provide Options: Virtual Auctions, Walking Auctions or Theater Style Auctions
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Specialists in Sawmill Equipment: Accurate Appraisals
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Resaws, Band Saws, Circular Saws, Portable Mills, Scragg Mills, Block Saws
5 / 12
Transfer Decks, Unscramblers, Log Decks, Conveyors, Green Chain, Metal Detectors
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Pallet Equipment Specialists: Knowledgeable Descriptions
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Pallet Nailers, Stackers, Notchers, Dismantlers, Chop Saws, Turn Tables
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Entireties, Estates or Liquidation Auctions - We'll Find a Solution That Works for You
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Complete Product Lines or Individual Consignment Pieces
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High Value, Hard to Find Equipment - Our Extensive Network Helps Find the Right Buyer
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Log Trucks, Chip Trailers, Flatbeds, Semi Tractors, Spotter Trucks
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Forklifts, Wheel Loaders, Skidders, Log Loaders, Tractors, Material Handlers

Thinking Auction?

Associated Auction is the ONLY Company providing Zero Risk Options. Others may promise results, but Associated Auction Delivers.

We are THE Sawmill Experts!

Licensed • Bonded • Insured

Proven Results • Years of Experience • Aggressive Marketing Campaigns • Top Dollar • Quality Support

Years of Experience

Our team has years of experience in the Sawmill, Pallet and Forestry Industry. We know the equipment, provide accurate appraisals and advertise with knowledgeable descriptions, best matching buyer to seller.

Proven Results

Your goal is our goal. We meet with our clients to determine which type of sale best aligns with their needs. Then we do everything in our power to achieve that goal. Associated Auction Gets it SOLD!

Aggressive Marketing Campaigns

Our team works diligently to market your sale with brochures, print advertising, email blasts and online campaigns.

Top Dollar

We have an extensive network in the industry that we use to match buyers to sellers, getting the word out about the equipment available at your sale is our priority.

Quality Support

Associated Auction provides better overall support. Our team is dedicated to making your sale a success, from start to finish.

Exclusive Zero Risk Auction Options

Associated Auction offers three exclusive options, working with you to select the best option for your situation, then we guarantee it in writing.

Eliminate All Auction Risk with a ZERO RISK Auction, exclusively from Associated Auction Company.

True Guarantee

It's THAT Simple - We Agree on a GUARANTEED Price and we Guarantee it in Writing!

Cash Sale, No Terms

100% Funded. Prior to Auction

Our Risk...Not Yours!

Commission Offset

We Set an Agreed Upon Total Sale Price and We Do Not Earn One Cent of Commission Until We Reach It!