Others May Promise Results, but Associated Auction Delivers.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the most common questions we receive can be found here.

Note: The auctioneer will cover a list of announcements at the start of each auction, which supercedes any prior information, verbal or written.

⇒ What type of auctions do you host?
⇒ How do I register to bid online?
⇒ I am having trouble logging into my Proxibid account, can you help me?
⇒ Can I come and inspect items prior to the auction?
⇒ Why is there sales tax added to my invoice?
⇒ If I win a bid online will you ship my items to me?
⇒ What are Tiebacks and how do they work?
⇒ What order are items sold during the auction?
⇒ Can you run an auction in my State?
⇒ I won items at the auction, when can I pick them up?
⇒ I bid online and won an item, how do I pay?
⇒ Can I pay for my auction winnings via credit card?
⇒ Will there be a forklift available onsite to load my items?
⇒ What is a rigger and what do they do?
⇒ Do you provide equipment financing?